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The Death of the Duchess of Aveiro: The Life and Legacy of Maria De Guadalupe De Lencastre
March 22, 2016 ... [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] In a letter dated September 11, 1709, Joseph Raimundo Arxo complains to the Duchess of Aveiro about the terrible state of the world. Writing from Genoa, he sends her news of his suspicions that the Pope no longer...

Birthing an Epistemological Shift: The Discursive Function of Eighteenth-Century Obstetrics Manuals
March 22, 2016 ... "Conviene que sepas lo que haces. Ese seno que vas a abrir encierra no un ser humano, no una criatura, sino <<una verdad>>. Fijate bien. Te lo advierto. ?Sabes lo que es <<una verdad>>? Una fiera suelta que puede acabar...

Anger and Religion: Eighteenth-Century Proto-Spanish Identity in Salduena's El Pelayo
March 22, 2016 ... Epic poetry is fundamentally about identity: who are "we," and who are "they"? In the first half of the eighteenth century, the Spains had suffered a series of reversals and cultural transformations that very likely influenced Alonso de Solis...

Loss, Loneliness and Liberation: Juan Pablo Viscardo Y Guzman and the Formation of American Identity in Exile (1768-1798)
March 22, 2016 ... "Exile is a tomb in which you can receive mail" Germaine, Madame de Stael Debates over the Jesuit exiles' significance for the Spanish American independence movement have continued for decades. It is true that they confined themselves...

Elizabeth Smith Rousselle. Gender and Modernity in Spanish Literature, 1789-1920
March 22, 2016 ... Elizabeth Smith Rousselle. Gender and Modernity in Spanish Literature, 1789-1920. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2014. Few monographs examining the modern subject in Spanish literature trace modernity in Spain, especially as it relates to...