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Characteristics of Sexual Abuse in Childhood and Adolescence Influence Sexual Risk Behavior in Adulthood.(Case study)
October 1, 2007 ... Introduction Childhood and adolescent sexual abuse has been associated with a wide variety of adverse mental and physical health outcomes. Research also suggests that the greater the severity of the sexual abuse, the worse the health...

The Impact of Sexual Coercion on Psychological, Physical, and Sexual Well-Being in a Representative Sample of Australian Women.(Case study)
October 1, 2007 ... Introduction Sexual coercion may be defined as when a person is forced or frightened to engage in sexual activity that they do not want. Unfortunately, many people experience sexual coercion. Women are particularly vulnerable to sexual...

The Role of Sexual Scripts in Sexual Aggression and Victimization.(Report)
October 1, 2007 ... Introduction Social cognition research has long stressed the important role of generalized knowledge, abstracted from experience or acquired through observational learning, for the planning and performance of social behavior (Moskowitz,...

Effects of Alcohol Intoxication and Instructional Set on Women's Sexual Arousal Vary Based on Sexual Abuse History.(Report)
October 1, 2007 ... Introduction Growing evidence suggests that sexual abuse experiences are related to subsequent sexual outcomes. However, little is known about how abuse experiences are correlated with women's responses in sexual situations. In addition,...

When a "Poach" Is Not a Poach: Re-Defining Human Mate Poaching and Re-Estimating Its Frequency.(Report)
October 1, 2007 ... Introduction Schmitt and Buss (2001) conducted the first studies into the psychology of people who have sexual relations with individuals whom they know are currently in exclusive relationships with others. Since these people steal other...