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Brainstorming, Multiplicative Utilities, Partial Information on Probabilities or Outcomes, and Regulatory Focus
December 1, 2012 ... This is the final issue under this Editor-in-Chief, so this column is fittingly coauthored with the associate editors, whose terms also end with this issue, to emphasize their major role in the leadership of the journal. We first introduce...

Value-Focused Brainstorming
December 1, 2012 ... Brainstorming can be a useful technique to create alternatives for complex decisions. To enhance the quality and innovativeness of the created alternatives, value-focused brainstorming incorporates two features of value-focused thinking into the...

Multiplicative Utilities for Health and Consumption
December 1, 2012 ... Many challenging medical/financial decisions require a decision maker to express preferences for lifetime streams of health and consumption. To express such preferences, we develop two multiplicative utility forms from basic conditions. These...

A Simulation-Based Approach to Decision Making with Partial Information
December 1, 2012 ... The construction of a probabilistic model is a key step in most decision and risk analyses. Typically this is done by defining a single joint distribution in terms of marginal and conditional distributions. The difficulty of this approach is...

Decision Trees with Single and Multiple Interval-Valued Objectives
December 1, 2012 ... Important to decision making is recognition of what today's decisions have on future options, and an oft-used tool to aid in this problem is the decision tree. This paper addresses situations in which uncertainty arises in the objectives...