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Our Last First Word: A Letter from the Coeditors
November 1, 2011 ... Five years passes quickly. With this issue, we wind down our tenure as editors of the Journal of Advanced Academics (JOAA). When we began editing JOAA in 2006, it had just undergone a name and design change. We expanded the mission of the...

A Reliability Generalization of the Overexcitability Questionnaire-Two
November 1, 2011 ... In recent decades, the gifted education field has given a great deal of attention to the nonintellectual aspects of gifted children, such as social and emotional development. Dabrowski's (1964) overexcitabilities (OEs) are ways of experiencing...

Exploring the Relationship between Fidelity of Implementation and Academic Achievement in a Third-Grade Gifted Curriculum: A Mixed-Methods Study
November 1, 2011 ... With educational practices currently receiving deep scrutiny, researchers increasingly focus on the impact of research-based curricula and teacher practices on student achievement. The need to attend to research-based practice extends to the...

High-Ability Students' Time Spent outside the Classroom
November 1, 2011 ... Adolescence is a time when individuals are able to begin choosing how they spend their time while discovering and developing their individual preferences and identities. U.S. adolescents average about 6.5 to 8 hr of free time each day (Larson...

Measuring Teacher Effectiveness in Gifted Education: Some Challenges and Suggestions
November 1, 2011 ... A principal and a fifth-grade teacher sit down to discuss the teacher's annual evaluation. The principal presents three classroom observation forms, completed after each visit to the teacher's classroom, and student gains on the annual state...