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Moving to a New office/Les Grands Demenagements
January 1, 2018 ... The shiny new rural doctor recruit who comes to town, the older doctor who moves away to be closer to a family in the city, and the doctor who moves within town to a new building all share in the excitement of a move. There will be new...

President's Message. New Horizons for Rural surgery/Message Du President. De Nouveaux Horizons Pour la Chirurgie En Milieu Rural
January 1, 2018 ... Canada's programs in Enhanced Surgical Skills (ESS) and operative delivery provide rural and remote communities with access to surgical, maternity and trauma care. The SRPC has been a strong advocate for these programs and has been a home for...

Rural-Urban Differences in Use of Health Care Resources among Patients with Ankle Sprains in Ontario
January 1, 2018 ... INTRODUCTION Ankle sprains are common injuries with a high incidence among children (age 12 yr or less) and adolescents (age 13-17 yr). A recent meta-analysis showed that the pooled cumulative incidence rates of ankle sprain for these age...

Rural Physician Supply and Retention: Factors in the Canadian Context
January 1, 2018 ... INTRODUCTION At present, there is a critical shortage of physicians in Canada: more than 4.6 million Canadians are without a primary care physician. (1) Across the country, physician supply is in a constant state of flux, with rural areas...

Country Cardiograms Case 61
January 1, 2018 ... A 55-year-old man is brought to a remote British Columbia emergency department with a 1-hour history of crushing retrosternal pain accompanied by shortness of breath and sweating. The following vital signs are recorded: pulse rate 70 per minute,...