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Recess in jeopardy, PTA to the rescue.(elementary schools eliminates recess )(National Parent Teacher Association)(Brief article)
May 1, 2006 ... Nearly 40 percent of American elementary schools have eliminated or are considering eliminating recess, despite experts' conclusions that playtime can be just as vital to a child's social, emotional and educational development as classroom...

Loans of prey: states' efforts to stop predatory lending could be blocked by federal pre-emption: Congress is considering two very different bills addressing predatory mortgage lending--one that would allow states to adopt more stringent regulations, and another that would pre-empt every state and local law dealing with deceptive lending practices.
May 1, 2006 ... Anytime you've got a lot of different cooks in the kitchen whipping up a different recipe to feed the same consumers, you've got increased cost and you've got increased regulatory risks, both from a client standpoint and a liability...

Higher education support per student at 25-year low: an increasing share of the cost for higher education has shifted to parents, as state and local spending for public colleges and universities has dropped.
May 1, 2006 ... State and local per student funding for public colleges and universities in 2005 dropped to its lowest level in 25 years, according to a recent report by the State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO). The report--an annual study...

CSG-WEST honors legendary California Senator.(Council of State Governments, Alfred E. Alquist)(Brief article)
May 1, 2006 ... The Executive Committee of the Council of State Governments-WEST adopted a resolution April 1, 2006, honoring life and work of former California state Sen. Alfred E. Alquist. Alquist served 34 years in the California legislature and was one...

Timeline.(Telecommunications Act of 1996--approved by Congress)(gun control laws)(southern universities investments)
May 1, 2006 ... Although the federal government tends to get more attention, state officials are often on the front lines of cutting-edge trends and issues. On the other hand, sometimes in the community of state governments, the more things change, the more...