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Cigerette Smuggler Sentenced
January 4, 2018 ... A TRUCK DRIVER WHO hid more than 750,000 cigarettes inside rolls of paper stuffed with asbestos and concrete has been sentenced to 21 months in prison. Valerij Budera was caught with the load at Dover Eastern Docks on 16 October 2017. The...

The Long Haul Pioneers
January 4, 2018 ... The Long Haul Pioneers is a celebration of Astran Transport (formerly Asian Transport), pioneer of overland transport from the UK to the Middle East. Ashley Coghill relates how in the early days truckers had to cope with unfamiliar...

Industry Opinion
January 4, 2018 ... OUR ROADS ARE A MESS. Just as hauliers invest in trucks that are better than they have ever been, and use telematics to help get the best use from them, so these industry improvements are undermined by record levels of congestion and poor road...

Len Balaam Dies, Aged 76
January 4, 2018 ... INDUSTRY VETERAN LEN Balaam has died, aged 76, after a short illness. Len spent his life driving trucks, and completed numerous long-haul journeys worldwide. He was featured in Bob Carter's book You Call We Haul, and was Carter's only direct...

ATFOA Proposes Quick-Fix to Ease DVSA Test Staff Shortfall
January 4, 2018 ... THE AUTHORISED TESTING Facility Operators Association (ATFOA) has called on the DVSA to allow its members to carry out annual tests on buses and coaches to free up testing resources for HGVs. Following reports of chronic shortages in DVSA...