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Identifying Nonwords: Effects of Lexical Neighborhoods, Phonotactic Probability, and Listener Characteristics
December 1, 2013 ... Abstract Listeners find it relatively difficult to recognize words that are similar-sounding to other known words. In contrast, when asked to identify spoken nonwords, listeners perform better when the nonwords are similar to many words in...

Football versus Football: Effect of Topic on /R/ Realization in American and English Sports Fans
December 1, 2013 ... Abstract Can the topic of a conversation, when heavily associated with a particular dialect region, influence how a speaker realizes a linguistic variable? We interviewed fans of English Premier League soccer at a pub in Columbus, Ohio. Nine...

Intonational Means to Mark Verum Focus in German and French
December 1, 2013 ... Abstract German and French differ in a number of aspects. Regarding the prosody-pragmatics interface, German is said to have a direct focus-to-accent mapping, which is largely absent in French - owing to strong structural constraints. We used...

Examining the Acquisition of Phonological Word Forms with Computational Experiments
December 1, 2013 ... Abstract It has been hypothesized that known words in the lexicon strengthen newly formed representations of novel words, resulting in words with dense neighborhoods being learned more quickly than words with sparse neighborhoods. Tests of...

Prominence in Triconstituent Compounds: Pitch Contours and Linguistic Theory
December 1, 2013 ... Abstract According to the widely accepted Lexical Category Prominence Rule (LCPR), prominence assignment to triconstituent compounds depends on the branching direction. Left-branching compounds, that is, compounds with a left-hand complex...