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Numbers Don't Lie
February 1, 2013 ... "Statistics ... can be used to support or undercut almost any argument." "Statistics are used much like a drunk uses a lamppost for support, not illumination." "There are three ways to not tell the truth: lies, damned lies and statistics."...

2013-Great Year for INFORMS, Analytics
February 1, 2013 ... Welcome to 2013! I am grateful to be starting my presidency with such a sense of excitement and energy for analytics in the air. As a society, we finished 2012 with strong financial footing, a reenergized membership base, and with more interest...

Stronger, Higher, Faster: Course Teaches Human Factors Engineering through Competitive Sports
February 1, 2013 ... A recurring challenge in the education of OR/MS professionals is the need for practice in deploying key tool sets across a variety of domains. This need is particularly acute in the area of human factors engineering (HFE), a field traditionally...

UPS Tackles the TSP
February 1, 2013 ... The INFORMS archive of podcasts continues to offer provocative conversation with leading O.R. practitioners and thinkers. The latest podcasts include INFORMS veteran Ralph Keeney of Duke University on brainstorming and Maksim Tsvetovat on...

Certified Analytics Professional
February 1, 2013 ... Big data is creating a big demand for data scientists and analytics professionals, but it's also creating a big problem for organizations looking for analytical help. The problem: Given the growing demand for analytics professionals and a...