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Message from the Editor
January 1, 2013 ... The INFORMS Journal on Computing impacts research and practice by providing a forum for research at the interface between Operations Research and Computer Science. As incoming Editor-in-Chief, I feel deep gratitude to the EiCs who have guided...

A Network Simplex Algorithm for the Equal Flow Problem on a Generalized Network
January 1, 2013 ... A network simplex algorithm is described for the minimum-cost network flow problem on a generalized network, with the additional constraint that there exist sets of arcs that must carry equal amounts of flow. This problem can be modeled as a...

Benders Decomposition for the Hop-Constrained Survivable Network Design Problem
January 1, 2013 ... Given a graph with nonnegative edge weights and node pairs Q, we study the problem of constructing a minimum weight set of edges so that the induced subgraph contains at least K edge-disjoint paths containing at most L edges between each pair in...

Max-K-Cut by the Discrete Dynamic Convexized Method
January 1, 2013 ... In this paper, we propose a "multistart-type" algorithm for solving the max-k-cut problem. Central to our 'algorithm is an auxiliary function we propose. We formulate the max-k-cut problem as an explicit mathematical form, which allows us to use...

A Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for the Double Traveling Salesman Problem with Multiple Stacks
January 1, 2013 ... The double traveling salesman problem with multiple stacks is a variant of the pickup and delivery traveling salesman problem in which all pickups must be completed before any delivery. In addition, items can be loaded on multiple stacks in the...