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2012 M&SOM Best Paper Award
January 1, 2013 ... It is a great pleasure to announce that the 2012 Manufacturing & Service Operations Management Best Paper Award goes to Victor F. Araman and Ioana Popescu for "Media Revenue Management with Audience Uncertainty: Balancing Upfront and Spot...

Three Rs of Operations Management: Research, Relevance, and Rewards
January 1, 2013 ... This article presents three personal experiences and reflections on the process and objective of research in operations management. This invited OM Forum contribution is based on my Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Distinguished...

The Relationship between Abnormal Inventory Growth and Future Earnings for U.S. Public Retailers
January 1, 2013 ... In this paper, we examine the relationship between inventory levels and one-year-ahead earnings of retailers using publicly available financial data. We use benchmarking metrics obtained from operations management literature to demonstrate an...

Process Flexibility Design in Unbalanced Networks
January 1, 2013 ... Several design guidelines and flexibility indices have been developed in the literature to inform the design of flexible production networks. In this paper, we propose additional flexibility design guidelines for unbalanced networks, where the...

Inventory Pooling to Deliver Differentiated Service
January 1, 2013 ... Inventory pooling is at the root of many celebrated ideas in operations management. Postponement, component commonality, and resource flexibility are some examples. Motivated by our experience in the aftermarket services industry, we propose a...