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Most dangerous contamination.(from the editor)(Editorial)
March 1, 2009 ... I notice that there are a lot of different job titles these days that in some way connote a connection to a field of scientific study. Today, people with all kinds of titles such as researcher, professor, analyst, technician, vice president,...

Salmonella goes nuts.(news)(Peanut Corporation of America under inspection)
March 1, 2009 ... One visit to Peanut Corp. of America's (PCA) facilities would have raised red flags for any food manufacturer who is even modestly aware of food safety. The Chicago Tribune cited former workers at the Blakely, GA peanut-processing plant who'd...

A green center debuts and everyone's invited.(news)
March 1, 2009 ... This isn't the best of times for chipmakers, and even the biggest names are feeling the effects. Intel (Santa Clara, CA) announced early this year a halt to production at five older factories, one of which was the company's last major...

bioMerieux introduces surveillance tool to fight HAIs.(PARTICLES)
March 1, 2009 ... bioMerieux, a developer of in vitro diagnostics, has entered into an exclusive referral agreement with ICNet Systems, Inc., an international provider of health-care associated infection (HAI) case management and surveillance software. ICNet...

SEMI PV Group announces collaboration with Yole Developpement.(PARTICLES)(Brief article)
March 1, 2009 ... SEMI PV Group has announced the addition of the Photovoltaic (PV) Equipment Data Collection Program to its market research portfolio for members. The program, a partnership between SEMI PV Group and Yole Developpement, will generate a...