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Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Advances in Vehicle Routing
February 1, 2013 ... Vehicle routing has been one of the main research areas in transportation science over the last 50 years. The design of good models and efficient solution methods to this problem is becoming increasingly important to practice, and the scientific...

Approximation Algorithms for Capacitated Location Routing
February 1, 2013 ... An approximation algorithm for an optimization problem runs in polynomial time for all instances and is guaranteed to deliver solutions with bounded optimality gap. We derive such algorithms for different variants of capacitated location...

A Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for the Symmetric Two-Echelon Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
February 1, 2013 ... This paper presents an exact method for solving the symmetric two-echelon capacitated vehicle routing problem, a transportation problem concerned with the distribution of goods from a depot to a set of customers through a set of satellite...

New Lower Bounds and Exact Method for the M-PVRP
February 1, 2013 ... This paper presents new lower bounding procedures and an exact method for the in-peripatetic vehicle routing problem (m-PVRP) based on polyhedral and column generation approaches. The branch-and-cut algorithms use three types of valid cuts on...

The Multiconstraint Team Orienteering Problem with Multiple Time Windows
February 1, 2013 ... This paper introduces the multiconstraint team orienteering problem with multiple time windows (MC-TOP-MTW). In the MC-TOP-MTW, a set of vertices is given, each with a service time, one or more time windows, and a score. The goal is to maximize...