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Be Careful What You Wish For
July 1, 2011 ... Foreign firms bidding on infrastructure projects or buying up local companies in Brazil are understandably keen to get in on the country's economic boom. But two projects gone awry provide a cautionary tale of the considerable risks that...

From Barings to Madoff: Lessons Learned
July 1, 2011 ... Regulations are no match for human failings. As lawyers, financial investigators and chastened investors continue to sift through the rubble of the Madoff scandal and other massive frauds, new--more inventive--versions of the same old story are...

Private Equity & the FCPA
July 1, 2011 ... As they begin to focus on buyig opportunities in Latin America, private equity firms need to beware of potential violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by their portfolio companies, which could put them in legal jeopardy. Pleading...

Report Card 2011: Mexico Corporate Security
July 1, 2011 ... In an annual survey conducted by Kroll and the American Chamber, a majority of respondents from local and multinational firms say the security situation in Mexico has further deteriorated. Some firms have considered moving operations, but most...