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The Coevolution of Industries and Important Features of Their Environments
January 1, 2013 ... As the rate of innovation increases, organizational environments are becoming faster and more complex, posing greater challenges for organizations to adapt. This study argues that the concept of coevolution offers a bridge between the prescient...

Dealing with Complexity: Integrated vs. Chunky Search Processes
January 1, 2013 ... Organizations are frequently faced with high levels of complexity. While the importance of search for dealing with complex systems is widely acknowledged, how organizations should structure their search processes remains largely unexplored. This...

When Do Firms Divest Foreign Operations?
January 1, 2013 ... Extant literature on divestment has repeatedly found that firms are likely to divest their poorly performing operations. In this paper, I consider how product market relatedness and geographic market differences in growth, policy stability, and...

Golfing Alone? Corporations, Elites, and Nonprofit Growth in 100 American Communities
January 1, 2013 ... We examine the link between corporations and community by showing how corporate density interacts with the local social and cultural infrastructure to affect the growth and decline of the number of local nonprofits between 1987 and 2002. We...

January 1, 2013 ... In this article, "Supply Portfolio Concentration in Outsourced Knowledge-Based Services" by Mahka Moeen, Deepak Somaya, and Joseph T. Mahoney (first published in Articles in Advance April 3, 2012, Organization Science,...