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TV 2.0: Why Canada Is Doing Television Revivals the Right Way
November 1, 2017 ... THEATRE AIR CONDITIONING ONCE BECKONED crowds during heat waves, but this year, even that couldn't lure people to the movies. This summer, the film industry struggled as the North American box office recorded its lowest-grossing summer quarter...

The Internet of Things
November 1, 2017 ... IN THE EARLY 1990S, MY DAD BOUGHT THE FAMILY OUR FIRST COMPUTER. It was one of those yellowish-white desktop computers running Windows 3.0, and it was glorious. We could play games, type documents, and listen to our favourite CDs all on one...

Good News, Bad News: The Best and the Worst of Canadian Happenings
November 1, 2017 ... MANITOBA + A First Nations-led initiative will receive $19 million from the federal government to set up much-needed diabetes-related foot care services in the communities. The initiative is vital considering numbers showing that First...

THE SHAPE OF WATER: Technology Helps Us Unconsciously Make Major Life Decisions-From the Way We Live to the Way We Love. but the Gadgets We Rely on Are Intrinsically Changing Us
November 1, 2017 ... ON FEBRUARY 1, 2003, SPACE Shuttle Columbia came apart somewhere over Texas, reminding us that putting people into space is hard to do and very, very dangerous. Engineers determined a piece of foam that broke off during launch had damaged the...

GENERATION TOO MUCH INFORMATION: Children Raised in the Internet Age Are Bound to Share Their Lives-The Good, Bad, and Ugly-On Social Media. What Happens When They Run for Public Office? Inside the World of Online Privacy Laws, Bitter Political Mistakes, and Changing Attitudes
November 1, 2017 ... IN AUGUST 2015, ALA BUZREBA, then the Liberal candidate for Calgary Nose Hill, was giving up her candidacy. Just 21 years old, Buzreba was trying to unseat Conservative Michelle Rempel. But that dream crumbled when a few less-than-savoury...