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Unilever's V Debuts Vegan Personal Care Line
January 1, 2018 ... Unilever launched Love Beauty and Planet, a new vegan personal care brand, featuring shampoos, conditioners, body washes and hair and body treatments. The products have mild cleansers and scents infused with ethically sourced essential oil or...

Supplementing Shoppers' Lifestyles: Education about Lifestyle Benefits of VMS Paves Way for Growth
January 1, 2018 ... The VMS category is mercurial. When a group of ingredients declines, another sector emerges or experiences a renaissance based on consumer interest. As a result, VMS manufacturers say that keeping up with the latest trends is the key to...

A Brave New World: How Important Will 2018 Be for Retail? Very, but Not Any More Important Than Last Year or Next Year
January 1, 2018 ... This year could be the most important year for retail since, well, since all the way back in 2017. At the outset, it is certainly shaping up that way, especially with a host of major retailers looking to do all they can to compete with Amazon...

Not Their Mom's Skin Care Regimen: The Skin Care Category Is Driven by Younger Consumers Seeking Natural Products
January 1, 2018 ... Consumers are more aware than ever of ingredients, not just in their foods but in products they put on their skin. Trends that are driving the skin care category include everything from natural and plant-based ingredients to millennials...

Biore Extends Baking Soda Line
January 1, 2018 ... Kao USA's Biore brand is introducing its Biore Baking Soda Acne Cleansing Foam. Formulated for combination skin, the cleanser gently removes surface dirt and oil to achieve a deep clean without over-cleansing or drying out skin. The product's...