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Nostrum Mogul arrested for tax evasion.
January 1, 2003 ... Almon Glenn Braswell, owner of Gero-Vita International, perhaps the biggest direct marketer of bogus health products, was arrested January 13th in Miami Beach by Internal Revenue Service agents on charges of evading $13.4 million in income...

Limitations identified in oversight of prescription drug ads.
January 1, 2003 ... The Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) oversight of direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertisements of prescription drugs has not prevented some pharmaceutical companies from repeatedly disseminating new misleading advertisements for the same drug,...

Misleading drug ads found in Spanish medical journals.
January 1, 2003 ... Researchers in Spain found that 45 out of 102 promotional statements in advertisements for antihypertensive and lipid-lowering drugs published in Spanish medical journals in 1997 were not supported by the bibliographic references provided in...

Advertising agencies influence drug development.
January 1, 2003 ... The problem of compromises of science in the research process for developing new drugs to the promotional agendas of advertising companies was discussed in a November 22nd article in The New York Times ("Madison Ave. Plays a Growing Role in...

Newsweek errs on "alternative medicine," Part 1.
January 1, 2003 ... In its December 2nd issue, Newsweek published an ill-conceived special report on "The Science of Alternative Medicine." In his "Editor's Desk" column, Mark Whitaker wrote: "We're proud to be working with Harvard Health Publications and its...