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A Dynamic Level-K Model in Sequential Games
February 1, 2013 ... 1. Introduction In many settings, players interact with one another over multiple stages. Researchers often model these settings as sequential games and invoke the principle of backward induction to predict behavior at each stage of these...

The Role of Experience Sampling and Graphical Displays on One's Investment Risk Appetite
February 1, 2013 ... 1. Introduction One of the most important financial decisions is how much risk to bear in one's investment portfolio. The behavioral finance literature shows that people find it extremely difficult to build portfolios that match their...

Services and the Business Models of Product Firms: An Empirical Analysis of the Software Industry
February 1, 2013 ... 1. Managerial Relevance Statement In recent years, many leading technology companies that we usually think of as product firms, ranging from SAP and Oracle to IBM and Hewlett-Packard (HP), have seen increasing amounts of their sales coming...

A Nonparametric Approach to Modeling Choice with Limited Data
February 1, 2013 ... 1. Introduction A problem of central interest to operations managers is using historical sales data to predict the revenues or sales from offering a particular assortment of products to customers. As one can imagine, such predictions form...

The Effect of Payment Schemes on Inventory Decisions: The Role of Mental Accounting
February 1, 2013 ... 1. Introduction In the newsvendor problem, a decision maker chooses an inventory order quantity to meet a random future demand, with the goal to maximize the expected profit from selling the product. This model framework is commonly used for...