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Opinion Fluctuations and Disagreement in Social Networks
February 1, 2013 ... We study a tractable opinion dynamics model that generates long-run disagreements and persistent opinion fluctuations. Our model involves an inhomogeneous stochastic gossip process of continuous opinion dynamics in a society consisting of two...

Risk Preferences and Their Robust Representation
February 1, 2013 ... To address the plurality of interpretations of the subjective notion of risk, we describe it by means of a risk order and concentrate on the context invariant features of diversification and monotonicity. Our main results are uniquely...

The Gomory-Chvatal Closure of a Nonrational Polytope Is a Rational Polytope
February 1, 2013 ... The question as to whether the Gomory-Chvfital closure of a nonrational polytope is a polytope has been a longstanding open problem in integer programming. In this paper, we answer this question in the affirmative by combining ideas from...

Online Stochastic Matching: Online Actions Based on Offline Statistics
November 1, 2012 ... We consider the online stochastic matching problem proposed by Feldman et al. [Feldman J, Mehta A, Mirrokni VS, Muthukrishnan S (2009) Online stochastic matching: Beating 1-1/e. Annual IEEE Sympos. Foundations Comput. Sci. 117-126] as a model of...

A Colonel Blotto Gladiator Game
November 1, 2012 ... We consider a stochastic version of the well-known Blotto game, called the gladiator game. In this zero-sum allocation game two teams of gladiators engage in a sequence of one-on-one fights in which the probability of winning is a function of...