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Marketing Science Replication and Disclosure Policy
January 1, 2013 ... 1. Introduction and Objectives Marketing Science announces its new replication and disclosure policies that will take effect beginning April 15, 2013. The policy document is available in the appendix and on our website at...

Marketing Science: A Strategic Review
January 1, 2013 ... Marketing Science is in a great competitive position with a strong editorial board and infrastructure support. This editorial summarizes the state of the journal as perceived by its stakeholders. They believe that the journal should strive to...

A Keyword History of Marketing Science
January 1, 2013 ... This paper considers the history of keywords used in Marketing Science to develop insights on the evolution of marketing science. Several findings emerge. First, "pricing" and "game theory" are the most ubiquitous words. More generally, the...

Advertising Effects in Presidential Elections
January 1, 2013 ... Presidential elections provide both an important context in which to study advertising and a setting that mitigates the challenges of dynamics and endogeneity. We use the 2000 and 2004 general elections to analyze the effect of market-level...

The Benefit of Uniform Price for Branded Variants
January 1, 2013 ... The extensive adoption of uniform pricing for branded variants is a puzzling phenomenon, considering that firms may improve profitability through price discrimination. In this paper, we incorporate consumers' concerns of peer-induced price...