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NYC Best Bets
November 1, 2017 ... From national chains to online start-ups to imports, the past year saw an influx of new players into New York City. Here's my annual list of faves: * Allbirds: The online start-up (maker of "the world's most comfortable shoes") hits the...

THE YEAR AHEAD: Issues, Trends and Insights for 2018
November 1, 2017 ... More of the same. That's the general forecast for retailers as they head into the coming year--more change, more evolution, more disruption. Also, there will be more opportunities and more challenges as merchants continue to adjust to increased...

E-Commerce Evolution: Changing Consumer Expectations Are Reshaping Online Shopping
November 1, 2017 ... Customer expectations continue to change on a dime, making it imperative for retailers to learn new ways to attract and drive shoppers online. Here's a sampling of what to expect in the coming year: * Mobile commerce. By 2020, mobile commerce...

Real Estate's Next Chapter: Retail Real Estate's Bumpy Ride Will Continue into 2018
November 1, 2017 ... With the holiday shopping season now underway, the final chapters of 2017 are being written. While we don't know exactly how the story will end, it's safe to say that this has been a rough year for retailers and the retail real estate industry. ...

Economic Forecast: The Outlook Is Mostly Sunny, but Some Clouds Still Loom Large
November 1, 2017 ... Fair weather ahead. That's the economic forecast for 2018. Retailers should benefit from an improving employment picture, growing disposable consumer income and an easy credit environment. "We estimate core retail sales will increase by 4.7%...