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On expectations, met and unmet.(EDITORIAL)(Editorial)
October 1, 2010 ... Boarding a flight in the 5:00 a.m. hour at an airport not far from our offices here in New Hampshire not long ago, I was confident I'd arrive at my destination--three time zones, one plane change and more than seven hours later--in plenty of...

Considerations to make before investing in Category 6A cabling: is it a round peg in a square hole, or a perfect fit?(DESIGN)
October 1, 2010 ... The specification and selection of information technology (IT) systems and services often includes a presumption that structured cabling will serve as the foundation of the IT infrastructure. Although an IT cabling infrastructure foundation is a...

Meeting 10GBase-S loss budgets with MTP cassettes: third-party testing demonstrates flexibility in 10G network designs.(INSTALLATION)
October 1, 2010 ... 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) introduces a challenging 2.6-dB insertion loss limit on OM3 fiber cabling. This tight limit has led some industry observers to suggest it is not possible to meet the standard using regular, as opposed to low-loss, MTP...

Intelligent building concept hits close to home: a vendor in the cabling industry walks the walk by building intelligence into its new headquarters facility. But what about the rest of the market?(TECHNOLOGY)
October 1, 2010 ... The concept of intelligent buildings can be likened to that of convergence. As one industry veteran has stated often, we have been six months away from convergence for the past 15 years. Similarly, the idea of intelligent or connected buildings,...

Enclosures play a role in high-density cable management: as part of an overall cable-management system, the use of enclosures can either help or hurt airflow in high-density data centers.(DATA CENTER)
October 1, 2010 ... Regardless of what you might hear on national news outlets about sputtering, not-yet-recovering real estate markets around the country, one statement that was true pre-recession remains true today: The real estate, or physical space, within a...