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Synergy and Its Limits in Managing Information Technology Professionals
December 1, 2012 ... We examine the effects of human resource management (HRM) practices (e.g., career development, social support, compensation, and security) on information technology (IT) professionals' job search behavior. Job search is a relatively novel...

Two Worlds of Trust for Potential E-Commerce Users: Humans as Cognitive Misers
December 1, 2012 ... In this paper we consider the impact of trust on a new visitor's intention to revisit a website, but instead of using the typical expectancy-value theories as our conceptual basis, we look at the issue from the perspective of cognitive...

User Satisfaction with Information Technology Service Delivery: A Social Capital Perspective
December 1, 2012 ... Existing research has long considered service quality as a primary determinant of user satisfaction with information technology (IT) service delivery. In response to the knowledge-intensive and collaborative nature of IT service delivery in the...

Real-Time Tactical and Strategic Sales Management for Intelligent Agents Guided by Economic Regimes
December 1, 2012 ... Many enterprises that participate in dynamic markets need to make product pricing and inventory resource utilization decisions in real time. We describe a family of statistical models that addresses these needs by combining characterization of...

Network Neutrality and Congestion Sensitive Content Providers: Implications for Content Variety, Broadband Investment, and Regulation
December 1, 2012 ... We study departures from network neutrality through implementing a quality of service tiering regime in which an Internet service provider charges for prioritization on a nondiscriminatory basis. We find that quality of service tiering may be...