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March 1, 2013 ... On the Ethics of Peer Review There is no disagreement that peer review is the foundation for scientific progress. It is through peer review that we "credential" the work of our colleagues, ensure that it is scientifically valid, and certify...

Social Media and Business Transformation: A Framework for Research
March 1, 2013 ... Social media are fundamentally changing the way we communicate, collaborate, consume, and create. They represent one of the most transformative impacts of information technology on business, both within and outside firm boundaries. This special...

When Social Media Can Be Bad for You: Community Feedback Stifles Consumer Creativity and Reduces Satisfaction with Self-Designed Products
March 1, 2013 ... Enabling consumers to self-design unique products that match their idiosyncratic preferences is the key value driver of modern mass customization systems. These systems are increasingly becoming "social," allowing for consumer-to-consumer...

Social Network Effects on Productivity and Job Security: Evidence from the Adoption of a Social Networking Tool
March 1, 2013 ... By studying the change in employees' network positions before and after the introduction of a social networking tool, I find that information-rich networks (low in cohesion and rich in structural holes), enabled by social media, have a positive...

Active Social Media Management: The Case of Health Care
March 1, 2013 ... Given the demand for authentic personal interactions over social media, it is unclear how much firms should actively manage their social media presence. We study this question empirically in a health care setting. We show that active social...