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TTG ANALYSIS: Different Fraud Types and How to Avoid Them
March 7, 2013 ... Invoice fraud Most people can weed out fake invoices from companies they are unfamiliar with, but a large, busy accounts department can occasionally be fooled by a totally spurious claim for payment. More common is a straightforward request,...

EDITORIAL: Lucy Siebert Managing Editor (News)
March 7, 2013 ... As I walked across Blackfriars Bridge this morning it felt as if spring had finally sprung - the sun was out and the temperature was noticeably a few degrees warmer than a week ago. In travel too, there seems to be a sense of the start of a...

EDITORIAL: Bridge over Troubled Waters?
March 7, 2013 ... On the cruise side, there are signs of brightness too, despite new figures showing that the sector overall remained flat in terms of passenger numbers in the past year (see page 5). Overall, just 1,000 more people took a cruise in the past...

DESTINATION MARKETING: Serbia Kicks off First UK TV Campaign
March 7, 2013 ... The National Tourism Organisation (NTO) of Serbia is set to launch its first ever British TV campaign, in a bid to capitalise on growth in UK tourist arrivals. The campaign, which is expected to feature on the satellite stations VH1, MTV and...

TTG ANALYSIS: Fighting the Fraudsters
March 7, 2013 ... With retail fraud still prevalent and Abta asking the trade to refocus on it, TTG looks at how fraud is impacting the industry and ways that travel businesses can prevent it happening. Gary Noakes reports High street agents are becoming more...