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Survey Says Compliance Execs Are in High Demand
August 1, 2013 ... It's a good time to be in the compliance profession. While many people may associate the term "hot jobs" with positions at hip Internet firms or careers as financial wizards, compliance professionals are a hot commodity. Sure, compliance may...

Audit Regulators: Embrace Your Inner Skepticism
August 1, 2013 ... The skeptics are back, and they want you--or at least the internal and external auditors among you--to be more skeptical too. Audit regulators and others are once again asking auditors to embrace their cynical side and more effectively...

Meeting the Skills Demands for a New Era of Compliance
August 1, 2013 ... Compliance officers are in high demand. As our cover story conveys, of the 20 top executive positions in high demand for 2013, several are in the compliance area, including compliance managers, chief risk officers, and officer of government and...

SEC Votes to Allow Advertising of Private Offerings
August 1, 2013 ... The Securities and Exchange Commission has finally voted to allow the advertising and solicitation of private securities offerings and investments in hedge funds and venture capital funds. The JOBS Act directed the SEC to remove prohibitions...

FASB Proposes Overhaul to Insurance Accounting
August 1, 2013 ... Public companies have another major accounting shift to contemplate after the Financial Accounting Standards Board issued a proposal to revise the accounting for contracts that provide insurance. FASB and the International Accounting...