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The Journal of International Business Strategy is a peer-reviewed journal published by the International Academy of Business and Economics. Articles address theoretical, conceptual and applied research topics related to international business.

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Stakeholders Protection and Financial Development: Evidence from France
January 1, 2009 ... 1. INTRODUCTION At the end of 1990s, a new way of thinking about "law and economics" known as "law and finance" was developed within a research program leaded by the NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research). In a series of articles,...

Strategy Type, Core Competence and Hr Involvement on HR Effectiveness: The Korea Evidence
January 1, 2009 ... 1. INTRODUCTION In the contemporary business environment, human resources (HR) is an indispensable input for organizational effectiveness. Hence, an effective management of human resources has an important role to play in the performance and...

The Seesaw of Governance: Getting the Balance Right
January 1, 2009 ... I. INTRODUCTION Historically, the role of board directors has not been clearly well defined and has evolved in accordance with the needs and times. In Anglo countries common law originally saw the board as the agent of the company in...

The Duality in the Causality of the Work of the Board of Directors
January 1, 2009 ... 1. THE WORK OF THE BOARD: PROBLEMS WITH THE MODEL Several kinds of examples show that the work of the board of directors is not accomplished because directors fail to become conditioned for the work that they need to perform. For example, it...

Improving Supply Chain Performance: A Case of Wal-Mart's Logistics
January 1, 2009 ... 1. INTRODUCTION The Wal-Mart logistics system delivers results that have catapulted the retail giant to the top revenue earning company in 2007. They are the first retailer to place first in sales in the Fortune 500 rank, surpassing energy...