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Serves those contractors engaged in the design, new construction and/or service of mechanical systems in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

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Tridium releases Web-based Vykon Security 1.1.(SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT)
January 1, 2008 ... Tridium has launched Vykon Security 1.1, the company's latest release of its open, Web-based security management solution. Compatible with all NiagaraAX products, Tridium has added a variety of new features and enhancements, and has...

Catch up on the contracting business webinars you missed.(CB eMedia)(Brief article)
January 1, 2008 ... Contracting Business recently offered a free webinar series. If you missed any, they're available in archive so you can attend them at your convenience. Topics for the sessions were: * Solving Comfort Problems With Hybrid Systems *...

HVAC market forecast: from almost heaven in '07 to not so great in '08.(2008 Market Forecast)(Industry overview)(Viewpoint essay)
January 1, 2008 ... What does the future hold? Of course no one knows, but we can analyze a number of factors to give us an idea how 2008 might treat the contractors who are the backbone of the U.S. HVAC industry. [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Nonresidential...

This month on eMedia)(Brief article)
January 1, 2008 ... The Chiller Industry Adapts to Change An exclusive CB roundtable. As regulatory changes loom in the wings, manufacturers and contractors continue to focus on technology, customer education, and training: go to

New Wahl thermal imager measures for long distance.(SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT)
January 1, 2008 ... Wahl Instruments, Inc. has added a long distance model to its line of Wahl Heat Spy thermal imaging cameras. The Long Distance model HSI3003 offers narrow angle field of view optics, which enables detection and temperature measurement of...