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Reducing parents' medication errors.(MEDICATION)
April 1, 2010 ... While any drug is capable of causing an adverse reaction, some can't be prevented--such as those involving an allergic reaction in a person who was not known to be allergic to the drug. However, others can be prevented, and it's recently been...

The "cough trick": reducing pain from immunization injections.
April 1, 2010 ... Pediatric immunizations are the most common painful procedures that take place in pediatric medical settings. Although some children cope well with the pain, almost all children benefit from strategies to control the pain and anxiety from these...

... And a recommendation to carry two of them.(Report)
April 1, 2010 ... While one shot of epinephrine is usually enough to stop or control a serious allergic reaction, patients with these reactions still need to have emergency medical attention. To see how often a child needs further doses of the drug once they get...

Accidental injections from epinephrine auto-injectors (EpiPens) ...(ALLERGIES)
April 1, 2010 ... Among adults and children with severe allergies to insects, foods, and other substances, a key part of first-aid treatment in the event of an allergic reaction is a drug called epinephrine (also called adrenalin). Since an untreated allergic...

Recalls: and Graco Harmony High Chairs ...(PRODUCT RECALLS)(Brief article)
April 1, 2010 ... Graco Children's Products Inc., of Atlanta, Ga., is recalling about 1.2 million Graco Harmony High Chairs because the screws holding the front legs of the high chair can loosen and fall out and/or the plastic bracket on the rear legs can crack...