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Welcome to the new Back Stage.(from the EDITOR)
October 27, 2005 ... Since my late father, Ira Eaker, founded the publication 45 years ago, I have seen Back Stage slowly evolve from a 24-page weekly focusing only on the performing arts in New York (early 1960s), to a publication slanted toward the TV...

Veteran CD Bernard Telsey: music(al) man.(INDUSTRY INSIDER)
October 27, 2005 ... In his more than 27 years as a casting director, Bernard Telsey has conquered all mediums. He was the man behind the original cast of the Broadway musical Rent--and is credited with casting the upcoming film version--as well as the stage...

'In My Life' at the Music Box Theatre.
October 27, 2005 ... "When life hands you lemons, make a musical" reads the tagline on posters for In My Life, the muddled new tuner from Joseph Brooks, and it turns out to be one of the most unfortunately accurate statements in advertising history. Brooks, best...

'Friends for Life'.(UNION/NONUNION FILM)
October 27, 2005 ... [NEW] Larry Cardino (dir.) is casting Friends for Life, a 35mm feature film. Shooting summer 2006 in Pittsburgh, PA. Seeking--Mickey: 30s, male, white, charismatic dreamer, strong character presence, strives to succeed at all costs...

'School for Scoundrels'.(UNION/NONUNION FILM)
October 27, 2005 ... Grant Wilfley Casting is casting the new film School for Scoundrels. Shooting late October to mid-November. Seeking--Ethnic Men & Women: for neighborhood types; Women: late 60s-early 70s, with dog; Young Wall Street Types: 22-30; Actors: ...