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A World without Religion-How Will It Be Achieved?
June 22, 2005 ... No Atheist believes in hell or eternal punishment. No Atheist believes in gods or goddesses or supernatural beings of any kind--malevolent or benevolent. No Atheist believes in spirits, souls, or reincarnation. Nevertheless, many Atheists...

Philadelphia Convention Highlights
June 22, 2005 ... American Atheists 31st Annual Convention Thursday, March 24-Sunday, March 27, 2005 The City of Brotherly Love welcomed American Atheists for our 31st annual, national convention. As the winter weather finally began to thaw and spring had...

Keynote Address Given by President Ellen Johnson at the 31st National Convention of American Atheists, Friday, March 25, 2005, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 22, 2005 ... Good morning everyone! I am very happy to welcome you to the 31st annual convention of American Atheists. It is always so good to see so many friends and so many new faces. Welcome everyone! [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] In thinking about what I...

Scouting for All
June 22, 2005 ... An address given by Robert Rakkety (pictured at right) in Philadelphia at the American Atheists 31st National Convention on Friday, March 25, 2005. First, I want to extend my appreciation to Ellen Johnson and American Atheists for the...

The Deacon Does Philly: An Hysterical Sermon of Repentance Delivered (Deposited?) by 'Pastor Deacon Fred' of Landover Baptist Church at (onto?) the American Atheists 31st National Convention on Friday, March 25, 2005
June 22, 2005 ... GREETINGS! My name is Pastor Deacon Fred, from Landover Baptist Church in Freehold, Iowa--home to the largest Harry Potter Book Burning in North America. Some of you might wonder why I always show up at these conventions. Well, as you know,...