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A bimonthly magazine devoted to media art and cultural criticism for the photography, film, video and visual book community. Publishes feature articles of investigative reporting or scholarly research, interviews, essays, reviews of media arts publication

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Aftermath of Destruction
May 1, 2012 ... Berlinale International Forum of New Cinema Berlin February 9-19, 2012 The International Forum of New Cinema section was introduced twenty years after the Berlinale's founding and celebrated its forty-second year in 2012. The forum...

Reversing the Catastrophe of Fixed Meaning: The Bookworks of Scott McCarney
May 1, 2012 ... Mary 18 - July 9, 2012 Visual Studies Workshop A letter from Cyril Reade, Guest Curator Dear, Scott, It's always a pleasure to see your work, which I last saw at Syracuse's Light Work (1), an astutely curated, and delightful,...

P Is for Photography, Pencil Test, and Panegyric
May 1, 2012 ... Critical Dictionary By WORK London, U.K. January 27-February 25, 2012 On the way to see "Critical Dictionary" at London's WORK Gallery, I picked up a discarded child's picture dictionary for my nephew who, on the brink of talking, is...

Not Politics as Usual
May 1, 2012 ... It's the Political Economy, Stupid Austrian Cultural Forum New York City January 24-April 22, 2012 Visitors to "It's the Political Economy, Stupid" could easily have missed the video Money to Burn (2010) by Dread Scott, displayed in...

Wonder and Disquiet in the Details
May 1, 2012 ... Yayoi Kusama Tate Modern London, U.K. February 9-June 5, 2012 Yayoi Kusama's career has spanned nearly seven decades and a variety of media, from painting, collage, photography, and video, to installation, sculpture, and even fashion...