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Credit automation more critical in today's economy.(Survey)
April 1, 2009 ... A common paradox facing credit pros is that just when they need it most, automating key credit functions can fall victim to shrinking IT budgets in today's economy. According to data collected in MCRC's new Credit & Collections Benchmarks...

15 strategies to build credit-sales team in trying times.
April 1, 2009 ... An economy like today's--with falling sales and rising customer defaults--is tailor-made to create friction between credit and the sales department. However, even when it becomes necessary to tighten controls on sales staff selling to...

e-Invoicing top 2009 financial automation priority.(Survey)
April 1, 2009 ... While budgets for automating credit functions typically get tight during a downturn like this one, large numbers of credit departments automated their critical invoicing and payment acceptance functions in 2008--and more plan to do so in...

Survey details recession's impact on business credit.(Survey)
April 1, 2009 ... In today's economy, a heavier burden than ever rests on the shoulders of the credit professional--both to avoid costly bad-credit decisions and to speed up the order-to-cash cycle. That makes it a critical time for credit executives to...

Are you getting the best price for bank ACH services?(Automated Clearing House)
April 1, 2009 ... With your CFO looking for every opportunity to conserve cash in today's credit-starved economy, credit pros should make sure the prices being paid for critical bank Automated Clearing House (ACH) services are competitive. Consulting firm...