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A magazine for musicians about developments in electronic music and personal studio recording. Includes reviews of new music technology, product launch information, and articles for musicians wanting to take advantage of technology available.

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Mix It Up.
February 1, 2010 ... Byline: Mike Levine Editor I've had a home studio for many years, and I have recorded a lot of different kinds of material including song demos, CDs and music for commercials and TV. But one thing I've never done is a remix (in the modern...

Download of the Month.
February 1, 2010 ... Byline: Len Sasso If you've ever wondered what it was like in the experimental and mostly academic electronic-music studios of the 1950s through the early 1960s, Tobor Experiment (gleetchplug.com) gives you a hands-on look with Berna (Mac,...

Coffee Shop Jam.
February 1, 2010 ... Byline: David Battino For years, Vintage Synthesizers author Mark Vail and I have run electronic jam sessions. Usually we haul out so much gear that setup takes ages and we end up playing each instrument superficially, so I suggested meeting...

This Month on Emusicia.com.
February 1, 2010 ... VAMPIRE WEEKEND VIDEO Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend takes you on a tour of Treefort Studio, where the band recorded much of their latest CD, Contra. BACK TO REMIXING BASICS Check out video excerpts from the educational course The...

THIS MONTH'S SOUND TRACK.(Sound recording review)
February 1, 2010 ... Byline: Mike Levine These releases include a diverse range of production techniques and a wide variety of styles including Delta blues, spacey soundscapes, vintage disco, soul-influenced rock and electronic pop. ERIC BIBB: BOOKER'S GUITAR...