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The effectiveness of Indigenous job search strategies.
March 1, 2006 ... I Introduction Government policies that seek to increase the effectiveness and/or intensity of job search behaviour are key instruments for enhancing national workforce participation. This paper examines the job search behaviour of...

Nurses' retention and hospital characteristics in New South Wales*.
March 1, 2006 ... I Introduction Nursing shortages are commonly observed features of hospital systems in Australia, Europe and North America. For example Buerhaus et al. (2000) estimate a 20 per cent shortage of registered nurses (RNs) in the US by 2020....

A multidimensional ranking of Australian economics departments.
March 1, 2006 ... I Introduction Economics departments should be judged according to the extent to which they contribute to the discipline of economics. They do this in three main ways: by contributing to knowledge within the discipline (research), by...

Firm size and the use of intellectual property rights*.
March 1, 2006 ... I Introduction At least since Arrow (1962), it has been well known that unfettered innovation markets provide a suboptimal level of innovative services to the economy. (1) The existence of such a market failure is an area of strong...

Water supply security and willingness to pay to avoid drought restrictions*.
March 1, 2006 ... I Introduction Water supply systems are designed and maintained to deliver a specific level of supply security. Supply security can be defined, in simple terms, as the probability of running out of water at some defined future point in...