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The Albuquerque Journal is a regional newspaper covering the Albequerque region. The Albuquerque Journal covers local news, sports, weather, and entertainment.

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Rising State Rep. Among Group Headed To Pakistan.(Front Page)
March 26, 2006 ... BYLINE: DAVID ROYBAL For the Journal State Rep. Hector Balderas of Wagon Mound is packing his bags for Pakistan, where he will be part of a small U.S. delegation of young leaders looking to develop lasting political, economic and cultural...

Threatened Toad MIA in N.M. Scientists Aim To Rescue Amphibian Placed at Risk.(Front Page)
March 26, 2006 ... BYLINE: JOHN ARNOLD Journal Staff Writer The dark-brown, fist-size creature -- with abundant, large warts and a distinct whitish stripe running down its back -- once thrived in the southern Rocky Mountains. But today the boreal toad...

Sharper Image; Civil Air Patrol works to fix bugs in promising search-and-rescue equipment.(Front Page)
March 26, 2006 ... BYLINE: RUSSELL MAX SIMON Journal Staff Writer LOS ALAMOS -- The air above the charred, recovering land devastated by the 2000 Cerro Grande Fire is known to the Civil Air Patrol by its grid number, 467. It's a choppy, breathtaking patch...

Endangered Species Act Faces Big Changes.(News)
March 26, 2006 ... BYLINE: TANIA SOUSSAN Journal Staff Writer Critical habitat For years, the Endangered Species Act has been a lightning rod attracting the ire of farmers, ranchers and other private property owners. Environmentalists consider it a...

Pokes Win 2 More To Finish Cougars Sweep; NMHU Starts Slow In Doubleheader.(Sports)
March 26, 2006 ... BYLINE: Journal Staff Report It took the New Mexico Highlands University baseball team 22 games to produce its first 130 runs of the season. It has taken just six outings since last Tuesday to score another 107. The Cowboys completed...