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A tale of two brands.(PUBLISHER'S NOTE)
January 1, 2006 ... As publisher of the Adams Handbooks and Directories I've been hearing music. Music, I mean, in the sense of good things--good things about the need for information such as that contained in this latest edition of the Wine & Spirits Industry...

Distilled spirits: flavors and premiums dominate.(INDUSTRY REVIEW: 2005 IN REVIEW)
January 1, 2006 ... Distilled Spirits consumption rose again in 2005, reaching 170.0 million cases on a growth rate of 2.7%. This is a pullback in the market trend from the 4.1% growth posted by the spirits industry in 2004. The continued success of high-end...

Wine: imports continue to outpace domestics.(INDUSTRY REVIEW: 2005 IN REVIEW)
January 1, 2006 ... Wine consumption rose 2.2% in 2005, finishing the year at 273.9 million 9-liter cases. As was the story last year, imports continue to outpace their domestic counterparts. Although far smaller in terms of sheer size, imports as a whole rose...

Retail sales continues its steady growth.(INDUSTRY REVIEW: 2005 IN REVIEW)
January 1, 2006 ... As has been the case in recent history, retail dollars are growing at a far greater rate than volume across all segments of the beverage alcohol industry. On premise sales grew 7.7% or $6 billion in aggregate last year. Sales off-premise also...

National industry associations.(Directory)
January 1, 2006 ... American Beverage Institute 1775 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 1200 Washington, DC 20006 Tel: (202) 463-7110 / (800) 843-8877 Fax: (202) 463-7107 Richard Berman, General Counsel American Beverage...