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The Bell Curve
September 22, 2017 ... The top of my test said "55" in bold red ink. Somehow red ink makes everything worse. Following that 55 was a "C+" however, and I was thrilled. Calculus, no problem, thermal dynamics, particles in motion, sure. Rotational dynamics? I didn't...

CAF Flight Safety: The Next Level (Part III)
September 22, 2017 ... Is that Technique or Procedure? How many times have you either asked this question or heard one of your peers, subordinates or supervisors ask it of someone else? Have you ever run into a situation where established procedures became...

Lessons Learned: ADI Failure in IMC
September 22, 2017 ... On 5 May 2017, I was RTB in a T-38A from exercise Northern Lightning at Volk Field, Wisconsin with 3 other jets. The weather at KVOK was clear and a million, but the two-hop home to Langley was going to be tricky with low clouds and rain...

"Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire in the Galley!"
September 22, 2017 ... That was the call that rang out over the aircraft communication systems as a six-foot inferno erupted from the highly-pressurized, liquid oxygen system during takeoff, engulfing the entire tail section of the aircraft in smoke and flame. The day...

File an ASAP Today!
September 22, 2017 ... Taken from an actual ASAP submission This event did not result in a mishap, but provides valuable information worthy of sharing. ASAP: 128: F-15E--Level 4 Over-G (11.9G) recovering from a night strafe pass with a live gun. Description:...