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A peer-reviewed, international journal of research and analysis in politics. Topics include science and technology policy, information networks, globalization, and demographics research.

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Improving Legitimacy in Nanotechnology Policy Development through Stakeholder and Community Engagement: Forging New Pathways
September 1, 2013 ... Nanotechnology Enthusiasm At the outset of the 21st century, governments around the world were showing considerable enthusiasm for nanotechnology and its promise as an "enabling" technology (Kearnes & Wynne, 2007; Macnaghten, 2008),...

Agenda Setting in Emergent R&D Policy Subsystems: Examining Discourse Effects of the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act
September 1, 2013 ... Introduction The literature on government responsiveness to societal issues is extensive. While no more complex in relative terms than prior periods of democratic government development, the policy challenges facing modern governments are...

Managing Nanotechnology Risks in Vulnerable Populations: A Case for Gender Diversity
September 1, 2013 ... Introduction Policy-makers and ethicists have struggled to keep up with the pace of developments as investment in nanotechnology in the United States and other countries continues its ambitious course. ... would-be nanotechnology risk...

Nano-Industry Operationalizations of "Responsibility": Charting Diversity in the Enactment of Responsibility
September 1, 2013 ... The Rise of "Responsibility" in Innovation and Governance The "Collingridge dilemma" is well known within innovation and technology studies. Named for the scholar who first outlined its central premise--that there is always a tension between...

"The Train Has Left the Station": The Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies and the Shaping of Nanotechnology Policy in the United States
September 1, 2013 ... Introduction: The Future in the Present In the weeks leading up to the 2008 American Presidential election in the United States, the journal Science added to the growing list of transition memos and opinion columns that outline what the top...