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Death becomes b.o.: Sony's 'Zombieland' tops frame with $25 mil.(BOXOFFICE)
October 5, 2009 ... [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] LOS ANGELES -- Walking dead enlivened the weekend boxoffice. Sony's Woody Harrelson starrer "Zombieland" topped the domestic rankings with an estimated $25 million. The studio also grabbed second place during...

MIPCOM: Glitz amid a still-tricky market.(FROM THE FRONT)
October 5, 2009 ... CANNES -- Weak local currencies and the slow road to recovery were on the minds of buyers and sellers heading to the MIPCOM market. Despite tough economic realities, though, the mood is tipped toward optimism as the TV industry is looking...

'Arrested' developments: creator aims to bring TV's Bluths to big screen.(FROM THE FRONT)(Brief article)
October 5, 2009 ... LOS ANGELES -- Narrator: Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything ... and just might get some of it back. "Arrested Development" creator Mitchell Hurwitz and co-executive producer James Vallely are working on a screenplay for...

Dis to raise Ross, pare Miramax.(FROM THE FRONT)(Rich Ross at Disney Channels Worldwide)
October 5, 2009 ... Disney's downsizing of its Miramax specialty division is the first step in a broader reorganization of film operations following the departure of Dick Cook as studio chairman two weeks ago. [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] [ILLUSTRATION...

Who will remain loyal to Letterman? Industry analysts say viewers, ad buyers will.(INSIDE TRACK)(David Letterman)
October 5, 2009 ... LOS ANGELES -- They say in show business there is no bad publicity, but how will David Letterman's revelations of sexual relations with female employees and of a foiled extortion plot over them affect his "Late Show"? The still-evolving...