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Alliances and other things.(strategic business alliances)
October 1, 1999 ... The hidden agenda A lot has been written and said about strategic alliances since the mid-1980s when the topic became fashionable. I was attracted like many others by what seemed to be a promising field for new approaches to management...

Using strategic partnerships to create a sustainable competitive position for hi-tech start-up firms.(Statistical Data Included)
October 1, 1999 ... 1. Introduction Over the last ten years I have had the privilege to observe in depth the creation and development of several hi-tech companies. I observed that in most cases these companies chose or were forced to engage in a technology...

Framing of international research alliances: influence on strategy.(Statistical Data Included)
October 1, 1999 ... 'How people construct their world and account for what they do in it necessarily influences how they behave' (Watson, 1994) 'Framing provides focus, much like the designers of Chinese gardens who use portals to direct ones view' (Nutt,...

Crafting successful strategic technology partnerships.(Statistical Data Included)
October 1, 1999 ... Introduction Ever since the 1960s authors have addressed the need for companies to engage in inter-organizational relationships (Evan, 1966; Warren, 1967). At the outset, the impact of these publications remained rather modest. Companies...

Mid-entry technology strategy: the Korean experience with CDMA.(code division multiple access)(Industry Overview)(Statistical Data Included)
October 1, 1999 ... 1. Introduction The world is now in the midst of a tremendous change, the outcome of which is still not known. One thing that is clear is that geographic borders between nations no longer pose constraint to human activities as they have...