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Shining a Light on Bitcoin
February 1, 2018 ... Byline: Ginger Szala Bitcoin is drawing attention and drama. J.P. Morgan's Jamie Dimon first saw it as another tulip bubble, but has since retreated from this assessment. Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, reportedly is behind the...

Unlocking Global Investment Pathways
February 1, 2018 ... Byline: Michael Finke Despite fears that political instability and a freakishly long-lived bull market would lead to a wild ride in 2017, pessimists (like myself) have once again been proven wrong. The volatility index on equities, derived...

Unchartered Territory
February 1, 2018 ... Byline: Janet Levaux As we went to print in mid-January, Bitcoin-related headlines are constant. The cryptocurrency slumped 25% on Jan. 16, for instance, over growing fears of regulatory crackdowns worldwide. Meanwhile, interest in...

FINRA Issues Roadmap on New Year Priorities
February 1, 2018 ... Byline: Melanie Waddell Broker-dealers started the new year with a roadmap from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority on what to expect during exams, as well as new rules that they'll be expected to comply with this year. Priorities...

RIA Benchmarking Goes Mainstream
February 1, 2018 ... Byline: Staff Writer One of the unique advantages of independent RIAs that many industry observers often overlook in their prognostications and predictions for the future, is that fundamentally, these are small businesses owned and operated...