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Market Response to a Major Policy Change in the Marketing Mix: Learning from Procter & Gamble's Value Pricing Strategy.(research data)(Statistical Data Included)
January 1, 2001 ... Much research has focused on how consumers and competitors respond to short-term changes in advertising and promotion. In contrast, the authors use Procter & Gamble's (P&G's) value pricing strategy as an opportunity to study consumer and...

On the Optimality of Delegating Pricing Authority to the Sales Force.(research data on sales management and pricing)(Statistical Data Included)
January 1, 2001 ... An important decision facing sales managers today is precisely how much pricing authority should be delegated to the sales force. Received theory suggests that the salesperson's superior information about customers' valuations will invariably...

Strategic Interdependence in Organizations: Deconglomeration and Marketing Strategy.(research data)
January 1, 2001 ... Although strategy exists at multiple levels in a firm (corporate, business, and functional), there is a dearth of research in marketing literature that focuses on the dependency among strategy at different levels. The authors address this...

Exploring New Worlds: The Challenge of Global Marketing.(essay on the author's personal experiences)
January 1, 2001 ... Early Explorations: Learning from the Past My passion for exploring new worlds began as a child with books and a very eclectic education. An insatiable curiosity and a penchant for asking questions led me to constantly challenge the...

Entry Barriers: A Dull-, One-, or Two-Edged Sword for Incumbents? Unraveling the Paradox from a Contingency Perspective.(research data on barriers to competition)(Statistical Data Included)
January 1, 2001 ... The long-held precept of equating entry barriers with sustainable incumbent advantage increasingly is met with skepticism as incidents of innovative late entrants leapfrogging over market incumbents become more pervasive across industries....