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Malbecs on the rise: Argentina's No. 1 wine style is becoming a top seller in the US, thanks to its value and quality.(LATIN AMERICA)
October 15, 2009 ... [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Rather than drink French Bordeaux or Napa Valley Cabernet, wine consumers in the United States are opting for Argentinean Malbec wines, a once little-known wine varietal that is charting strong sales growth due, in...

The real beer summit.(EDITOR'S NOTE)(Conference news)(Editorial)
October 15, 2009 ... It's been a busy couple of months for Beverage World, with seemingly nonstop travel to the fall's major beverage events. As I write this, I'm flying over the Grand Canyon on my way back from the National Beer Wholesalers Association's (NBWA)...

Goin' coconuts: with Coke and Pepsi investing in coconut water brands, the category is poised to take off.(MARKET UPDATE)
October 15, 2009 ... [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] With carbonated soft drink sales falling in the United States, the major soft drink companies are looking to expand into more health-and-wellness-focused beverage categories, including, it seems, the coconut water...

Coke pushes back against soda tax.(BEVBEAT)
October 15, 2009 ... As a proposal to tax sugary drinks continues to gain ground among some politicians and public health advocacy groups, The Coca-Cola Co. and its bottlers have teamed up on a public relations offensive. Atlanta, Ga., USA-based Coca-Cola has...

Correction.(BEVBEAT)(Correction notice)
October 15, 2009 ... In Beverage World's drinktec preview, which appeared in the August 2009 issue, the incorrect website was listed for KHS. The correct website is In the magazine's NBWA pre-show coverage, which appeared in the September 2009 issue, the...