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Truth or Consequences: An Analysis of Vaporware and New Product Announcements.
February 1, 2001 ... AMBAR G. RAO [*] The software industry practice of announcing new products well in advance of actual market availability has led to allegations that firms are intentionally engaging in vaporware. The possible predatory and ...

Entrenched Knowledge Structures and Consumer Response to New Products.
February 1, 2001 ... ARTHUR B. MARKMAN [*] Although diffusion models have been successfully used to predict the adoption patterns of new products and technologies, little research has examined the psychological processes underlying the individual consumer's...

Transaction Decoupling: How Price Bundling Affects the Decision to Consume.(Statistical Data Included)
February 1, 2001 ... JOHN T. GOURVILLE [*] In today's marketplace, price bundling is widespread: Manufacturers and retailers routinely offer multiple products for a single, bundled price. Although the effects of price bundling on purchase behavior have been...

Examining the Impact of Destructive Acts in Marketing Channel Relationships.(Statistical Data Included)
February 1, 2001 ... LOUIS W. STERN [*] In virtually all marketing channel relationships, one of the parties eventually will engage in an action that another channel member considers potentially destructive for the relationship. How a particular channel...

Signaling Strategies in Competitive Interaction: Building Reputations and Hiding the Truth.(Statistical Data Included)
February 1, 2001 ... DAVID W. STEWART [*] The authors develop a conceptual framework of how managers interpret competitors' signals over time in various market contexts. From the framework, the authors generate hypotheses about the relative effectiveness of...