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Ball of confusion.(Brief Article)
March 12, 2001 ... * Further blurring the line between marketing and reality, Seattle-based online retailer Inc. this month plans to begin selling to book publishers space in its mass e-mail promotions that recommend new books to existing customers....

Back to court.(Government Activity)(Brief Article)
March 12, 2001 ... * Political party wrangling over the use of statistical sampling won't end soon: The issue of whether to use statistical sampling in state population breakdowns is the latest tussle expected to reach the Supreme Court. (A 1999 High Court...

When in doubt, put it off.(Government Activity)(Brief Article)
March 12, 2001 ... * The current moratorium on Internet sales tax expires in October, but last month, a bill was introduced in the Senate that would extend the ban until 2006. Democratic Senators Ron Wyden of Oregon and Patrick Leahy of Vermont cosponsored the...

Once more, with feeling.(Government Activity)(Brief Article)
March 12, 2001 ... * The House of Representatives is taking another crack at e-mail regulation this session, specifically going after spammers who burden ISPs and clog mailboxes with unsolicited emails. Republican Rep. Heather Wilson of New Mexico and Democrat...

Greenfield reorgs.(Brief Article)
March 12, 2001 ... * Online marketing research firm Greenfield Online, based in Wilton Conn., last month announced a major reorganization, which includes $12 million in new financing from venture capitalists, but also job cuts totaling 50 employees, or about...