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Negotiating a better parcel carrier contract.
May 1, 2005 ... Byline: Sherry Chiger Now that postal rates are likely to be going up next year (see cover story), it's more important than ever to negotiate or renegotiatiate your parcel-carrier contract. Fortunately, according to Mike Erickson,...

Postal reform gets rolling.(Brief Article)
May 1, 2005 ... In addition to the lower-than-expected proposed rate increase - and the fact that it may not happen at all - there's more cause for optimism: The House Government Reform Committee on April 12 passed H.R. 22, the latest postal reform bill from...

I.Merchant Award Finalists.
May 1, 2005 ... The first round of judging for Catalog Age's Sixth Annual I.Merchant Awards has been completed, with the judges naming 29 finalists in seven categories. Gold and Silver Award winners will be announced at a special luncheon on May 25 at the...

May 1, 2005 ... Searching for credit In your "On-target onsite search" article in the March 2005 issue, you reference "The State of Retailing Online 7.0," a study produced in partnership with Forrester Research. Your article, however, mentions...

Model behavior.
May 1, 2005 ... Byline: LOIS BOYLE When it comes to catalog design, there are numerous pros and cons to using models. Done right, model photography can considerably enhance your presentation and make your catalog more enticing and enjoyable to read,...