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Founded in 1975, Home Channel News is a tabloid that has sixteen publications a year. Lebhar-Friedman, Inc. owns and publishes this magazine.Home Channel News has an audience of 40,255 professionals specializing in the home construction industry. Its readership includes home center retailers and building material retailers. Ken Clark is the Executive Editor, Jeff Arlen is the Publisher and Jim Reynolds is the National Sales Manager/Managing Director.

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Readers Respond: Green Light? Not So Fast
November 1, 2014 ... [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] [The following letter is in response to the article "The home channel's seeing green," which included the Newcandescent Rough Service light bulb.] "As you likely know, the federal government has lamp efficiency...

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November 1, 2014 ... * MARVIN ELLISON @MarvinEllisonHD "All Home Depot Associates, thank you for the best 12 years of my life. Moving on to JCPenny. Keep me in your prayers. Good luck & God Bless!" * MEAGAN MCCOY JONES @MeaganJones "Brian McCoy at the...

Thoughts (Some Radical) on the Labor Shortage
November 1, 2014 ... "Naught without labor." [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] That was one of the key super-secretritual themes of my cloak-and-dagger college fraternity (from which I'll probably be expelled now that I revealed it). And it's also one of the major themes...

Once More into the Future
November 1, 2014 ... [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] The October HCN cover story was just the beginning, leading to a live discussion at the ProDealer Industry Summit Lumberyard of the Future Panel Presentation. No crystal balls were broken, and there was some sound...

Channellock Turns to Screwdrivers
November 1, 2014 ... [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] It's not just an introduction of a new product line. The way Channellock views the launch of its "Professional Screwdrivers," it's a way to help America grow. "With the introduction of our new Professional...