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Collaborative product development.(automobile makers can use new software in product development)(Brief Article)
April 1, 2001 ... According to Mark Hogan, Group President of e-GM, "Come 2010, your new car will be very different. It most likely will be powered by some type of hybrid engine, running on a combination of gasoline or hydrogen and electricity. It will...

Becoming Prepared.(global marketing for engineers)(Brief Article)
April 1, 2001 ... One of SAE's objectives is to help you be more effective, which includes being able to perform your current assignments better and being prepared to successfully perform future assignments. The U.S. National Academy of Engineering (NAE),...

Dodge Ram makeover.(Brief Article)
April 1, 2001 ... The 2002 Dodge Ram, a successor to the ground-breaking 1994 model, is an all-new package with two new Magnum engines, a new automatic transmission, as well as larger regular and extended cabs. "This is just the start of the Dodge Ram...

Gadget-laden Pontiac REV.(Brief Article)
April 1, 2001 ... Concept cars are meant to float "what if" ideas. On the Pontiac REV, several of the innovative ideas expressed on the sports coupe spotlight different takes on traditional features. Through the use of projectors (located inside the...

SVT gets Focus.(2002 SVT Ford Focus)(Brief Article)
April 1, 2001 ... Powerful performance is part of the Ford Focus lineup for 2002 with the introduction of the SVT Focus. The car gets Special Vehicle Team (SVT) attention as a means of attracting the under-age-25 market as well as import buyers. The...