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Maintaining a sense of humor about life is seriously important.(podium)
December 1, 2005 ... I recently ran across an essay by the legendary motivator Earl Nightingale on the importance of having a sense of humor about life. After running across it, I decided to read it. "The one serious conviction a man should have is that...

The anytime/anywhere/anyhow office is here.(TRENDS)
December 1, 2005 ... It's official: There are absolutely no more excuses for not working all of the time, wherever you happen to be, no matter how small or insignificant your employer--even if you've left your computer at home. Several new Internet-based services...

December 1, 2005 ... LG calls its AN 110 the world's first wall-mounted projector. Using a unique prism configuration and an internal, L-shape projection lens, LG has designed the 3.6-inch-thick projector to be mounted unobtrusively up and out of the way on any...

AstraZeneca's 3D projection experiment.(CASE STUDY)
December 1, 2005 ... AstraZeneca is a major pharmaceutical company that spends more than $15 million every working day of the year on the research and development of new medicines. Its scientists have developed significant drugs to treat such maladies as asthma,...

Verbatim DVD media.(TUFF STUFF)
December 1, 2005 ... Verbatim claims its new DVD+R and DVD+RW discs with VideoGard Protection are 40 times more scratch resistant than normal DVDs or CDs, and users so far are reporting that the discs can indeed take a licking. One reviewer for Digital Media Net...